Geospin-Cofounder Tobias Brandt is giving a presentation on his work in predictive policing in London on April 1st

Aligning Prediction and Decision Quality in Smart City Operations: Insights from Predictive Policing

Thanks to the The Alan Turing Institute and Konstantin Klemmer for inviting Geospin to give a presentation on Tobias Brandts’ work comparing decision and prediction quality in predictive policing. We are looking forward to coming to the (possibly-still-EU-member-state) UK on April 1st.

Here you’ll find the live recording of Tobias Brandt’s talk on predictive policing in #urban analytics:

Insights from predictive policing – Tobias Brandt, Rotterdam School of Management 

Tobi Youtube Video

If you’d like to participate, register here or just click on the picture below.

190318-Tobi 1st April London-Programm


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