Renewed call for funding for the expansion of the charging infrastructure

On August 19th, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure announced a new call to promote the development of publicly accessible charging infrastructure. It supports the construction of up to 10,000 charging points with around 100 million euros. Private investors, cities and municipalities can apply for funding until the end of October. The conditions for support are that the charging stations are accessible to the public and the electricity is generated from renewable energies. The extent of funding depends on the demand at the respective charging stations, funding at popular hotspots is therefore particularly high. Here you can find the call for funding: https://www.now-gmbh.de/content/3-bundesfoerderung-ladeinfrastruktur/1-foerderrichtlinie-foerderaufrufe/190819_vierter-foerderaufruf_lis.pdf
Geospin predicts where public charging infrastructure will be used in the future. Our algorithms use over 800 geographical factors (points of interest, parking spaces, population density, vehicle data etc.) and over 180,000 charging processes in German cities and rural areas. With our analysis for public charging infrastructure you can identify the most economical charging locations, which are oriented to the needs of the customers.
Further information about our analysis for public charging infrastructure can be found in our product sheet. It is available for you to download from the page “Industry Solution Energy”!


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