Geospin won the first place in the category "E-Charging Stations" at the MVM Hackathon in Budapest!

On October 8th and 9th, Philipp Behrends from Geospin was at the MVM Hackathon powered by Smart Future Lab in Budapest. NKM is one of the largest grid operators of Hungary. Its subsidiary Mobiliti already operates charging stations and will increase the number of charging stations with the focus on DC speed chargers considerably in the coming years. Geospin can use its expertise to help expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Hungary and predict where charging stations will be needed. Especially with regard to the increasing number of charging stations that will be needed in the future. 

2019-10-08-Electric cars in Hungary

Electric cars in Hungary (numbers by NKM Mobiliti)

MVM was looking for partners who help them to solve real life challenges in three different sub-industries, e.g. to prioritize their expansion of the charging infrastructure in the near future. Within a workshop in the headquarters of MVM in Budapest, there were mentors with whom the participants could talk about the solutions presented in each case and who stood by with advice and always had an open ear. On the first day of the event, the feedback was recorded graphically in a creative environment. The results were presented on the second day on a large stage in front of the NKM board members.

Philipp Behrends was pitching on the MVM Smart Future Lab Hackathon and won the 1st place in the category “E-Charging Stations”! Thanks for the splendid organization, Pioneers! 

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