First Geospin webinar with Niklas Goby – August 2019 (German only)

Here you can watch the very first Geospin webinar by Niklas Goby from August 2019. Not only is he one of the five Geospin founders and machine learning expert, he is also invited to speak at the Data Natives Conference on November 25th. 
In the video he talks about different geoprojections, Python and the differences between Data Science and Geo Data Science. He also presents the challenges of linking geo data with structured data to get the most out of large amounts of data and deep learning. Furthermore, he provides insights into the world of geo data science in an urban context and presents interesting Geospin use cases.
The webinar can be accessed via the link in the image or the red text. Have fun watching!

Geo Data Science – First Geospin Webinar with Niklas Goby

2019-10-28-Geospin Webinar


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