Electromobility is and will remain a burning issue

In recent days, the German government has decided to significantly accelerate the expansion of charging stations for electric vehicles. In order to meet the EU’s climate targets, electric cars will have to become much more widespread in the coming years. However, a comprehensive and consumer-friendly charging infrastructure is necessary for the breakthrough of electric cars on the mass market.
With our analysis for public charging infrastructure you can identify the most economical charging locations, which are oriented to the needs of the customers. We predict where charging infrastructure will be used in the future. Our algorithms use over 800 geographical factors (points of interest, parking spaces, population density, vehicle data etc.) and around 1,4 million historical charging processes in German cities and rural areas. 

Do you want to provide customer parking spaces at your supermarkets with charging points or expand the public charging infrastructure? We will be happy to support you in your location decision!

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