The customer finder has won the audience voting at the Thüga meeting 2019!

On November 7th the annual Thüga meeting took place in Munich with the motto Inspire.Inform.Involve.
The panelists drew a positive balance from the last ten years since the municipalization of Thüga. Many practical examples could convince the approximately 170 participants of the fact that Thüga develops well and is in the best way prepared for the future. The lighthouse project TAP – Thüga-Abrechnungsplattform was presented to the plenum as a joint accounting platform for all Thüga partner companies. Other topics included the climate protection program 2030 and regulation management as well as Smart Living, GoPro! and interactive customer service.

It was really exciting at the end: Katharina Bambusch, Florian Lieb (Thüga-Kompetenzcenter Innovation) and Christoph Gebele (Geospin) stepped into the lion’s den with their innovative projects. The audience experienced a very special e-ccelerator session: they saw three pitches, could submit questions and then voted online whether the customer finder, the craftsmen platform or the autarchy manager convinced them the most.
The winner of the evening was Christoph Gebele from Geospin. With the customer finder, he achieved over 50% of the votes and received €50,000 for the further development of the product. The customer finder identifies customers with affinity for photovoltaic systems and gas heaters with a self-learning algorithm based on socio-cultural data and environmental factors. In the future, suppliers of photovoltaic systems and gas heaters will be able to look independently at the areas in which their target customers can be found.
We are looking forward to further developing the customer finder together with Thüga!

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