Product presentation: The customer finder for photovoltaic systems and gas heaters

Targeted and efficient addressing of customers with the help of Artificial Intelligence

This week we introduce the customer finder for photovoltaic systems and gas heaters to you. When entering the market for photovoltaic systems and gas heating systems, you are probably faced with the following question: Where can I find interested customers for my products? The customer finder offers you an answer. It shows where interested customers can be found and thus enables a targeted and efficient customer approach.

Das Thüga Treffen 2019

Christoph Gebele at Thüga annual meeting 2019; Photographer: Falk Heller/Thüga

 The customer finder has won the audience voting at Thüga meeting 2019!

Challenges in addressing customers for new products

Providers of photovoltaic systems or gas heating systems are constantly faced with the question of where to find interested customers for their products. They often realize that this is a major challenge. Addressing all potential customers is associated with high scattering losses, as the installation of photovoltaic systems and gas heating systems is not suitable and therefore relevant for everyone. The detailed analysis of individual areas requires a great deal of effort and the results are not scalable. A targeted and efficient approach to customers is therefore difficult.

You definitely can be curious about the customer finder
The customer finder is a tool that supports you in addressing your customers in a targeted and efficient way. It is based on a machine learning model that uses historical data from successful transactions as the basis for training. The environment of the points of sale is made transparent with more than 800 geodata sources. Only the multitude of possible explanatory variables makes it possible to identify the hidden patterns. The automated learning process recognizes the connections between sales points and their environment. In contrast to conventional approaches, this approach is not based on subjective assumptions, but represents a purely objective evaluation. Once trained, these patterns can also be found in areas without customer data. In this way, interesting regions are identified, and relevant addresses get qualified.
The customer finder in practice
Geospin’s customer finder will be available to all municipal utilities and organizations that sell photovoltaic systems or gas heating systems from January 2020. Since the model will initially be trained with data from Germany, the product is primarily aimed at the German market. Users can easily access the analysis results via a graphical user interface. By entering a postcode area, the customer receives a heat map that highlights the regions in which the customer interest in the two products is particularly high. By entering an address, the user receives an interest score. The effort required for the analysis results is measured by the number of postal code areas requested. Contact us to receive an offer for your business area.

2019-12 image customer finder englischSource: Geospin GmbH

This is why it pays off for you to rely on the customer finder

  • Sales increase through high-quality leads
  • lower customer acquisition costs due to targeted and effective customer contact
  • Identification of interesting regions and relevant addresses
  • independent and objective analysis as a basis for your sales decisions
  • Identification of the target group without prior historical data and customer data possible

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