How energy provider use geodata to develop local market potential

The German Association of Local Public Utilities (VKU) reports on their website Kommunal Digital about our customer finder.
“The topic of geodata is not new and it is already everywhere to be found among energy providers: In sales, which creates an overview of its regional ordering processes, in customer service, which maintains a list of requests for information material sorted by postcode, and in support, which evaluates site-related data for error messages. But what can energy suppliers actually do with this data? And how does geodata help to identify market potential for energy products that require explanation, such as photovoltaic systems? With the customer finder, a software solution based on location intelligence, the Freiburg start-up Geospin wants to answer precisely these questions.”
The article describes how the idea of the customer finder came about, what data the machine learning process is based on and how energy suppliers can use geodata to tap into local market potential.
Here you can find the news entry. Thank you for the detailed report!
PS: You have the opportunity to get to know the customer finder on August 6th at 10 am in our webinar. Click here to register.

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