Energy suppliers and grid operators

Successfully shaping the energy transition

The energy transition and new consumer needs pose challenges for energy suppliers and grid operators. LIA provides you with accurate data for the site selection of your charging stations, the strategic broadband expansion, or the identification of potential customer groups for your services. LIA enables you to shape the future more purposefully and efficiently.


Where are charging stations needed?

LIA provides you with an objective analysis as the basis for your location decision. With just a few clicks, you can find the most attractive charging locations and increase the profitability of your charging infrastructure. LIA also provides you with forecasts for electric vehicle registrations – so you are always up to date.

Where to find potential customers

LIA’s maps the locations of interested customers and enables a targeted customer approach. By generating high-quality leads, you increase your close rate and reduce customer acquisition costs. Would you like to expand into unknown sales territories or market new products? No problem: You can also use the LIA for regions without empirical values.

Where can you profitably expand broadband?

With LIA, you can specifically expand broadband where the demand is greatest. Analyze the potential of your region and ensure the contribution margin of your investments. For this purpose, LIA provides you the broadband availability throughout Germany, and the regional population density, among other things.

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Road to success


Geo data revolution

Location Intelligence Assistent

Our LIA assistant uses years of experience and excellent research in the field of location intelligence.

Whether it is complex AI forecasting, influence factor determination, digital twins, or viewing and filtering millions of data points: LIA makes location intelligence simple, fast, and intuitive for you.

With the intelligent geo-data analyses from LIA, you save resources, expand your action competence – and gain advanced knowledge and a competitive edge in the market.

Location Intelligence in action

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